Collaboratory will not administrate another space in Gothenburg right now but is supporting the local community, new initiatives and people interested in franchising the concept. A case study and guide will be released in 2017.
For game related activities Diversi Gothenburg and Gothgames continue.
To connect with local artists and makers the Facebook page and group is active and you can check out GBGMake, Chalmers Robotförening, Mikrofabriken, Artisans i Gbg, Frilagret, Slöjd i väst, KKV to find art/craft activities and tool spaces in Gbg. The national network Makers of Sweden including Makertjej, also gather maker initiatives all over Sweden.

International Science Festival

We are working with the local science festival again, April 13-17. Everyone is welcome to a pop-up game area, parkour track and makerspace right in the city center. April 16-17 we also run Mini Maker Faire. Come and play and build stuff with all the awesome participants!
Check the full program here

Global Game Jam and Diversi Gothenburg launch

After a heavy period of moving the space and carrying lots of stuff we are now looking forward to start the new year with the yearly January events!
Global Game Jam, Diversi meet-up and Electrodome game festival will take place January 28 to February 6, 2016. The Collaboratory community and everyone else is welcome to join in many ways.
Full program
Global Game Jam registration is open at
Note that we are not at Lindholmen next year, most of the events will be around Landala and Järntorget with the Epic Unidragon game gallery

Collaboratory is in a transformation phase

Collaboratory in Gothenburg is currently going through some changes. Due to lack of support from the region and city, as well as lack of a will to collaborate in the Lindholmen area, we have cancelled our contract and moved out. The space is taken over by the Science Park and we have no association with their activities. We are grateful for the support from the film studio and wish them the best of luck. The non-profit organisation does no longer have a possibility to support all the individuals that found value in the space and community. We ask people who are looking for internships, refugee support, kids activities, tech support etc to contact the region and city, they are the ones who decided that the space is not needed in Gothenburg so please direct your thoughts directly to them. We have tried to explain why this space is important for years but are now fed up with the entire structure and will no longer waste time on them.
Our design collective is available for funded projects as usual, and our events go on as usual. As a business and game lab Collaboratory is now looking for a space closer to the city center where more people and organisations contribute to the costs. The concept is also being franchised to other cities and a guide book on how to design creative spaces like this, and about maker, game and innovation culture will be released in Nov 2016. Contact Jasmine for more info.

SIC! on Rails – Urban activism in Helsinki / BPWB workshop August 12th 2-6pm

SIC! on Rails is a networking trip which aims to create more co-operation between social innovators, urban activists and other good doers in Nordic countries.
A group of four innovators and makers from Finland will travel through Sweden, Norway and Denmark to exchange experiences and make connections.
On Wednesday, August 12, SIC! on Rails is coming Gothenburg to speak about urban activism in Helsinki and Stockholm. The travel group will present their projects which will be followed by a discussion about urban activism and participatory city culture in Helsinki and Stockholm. After the discussion we’ll have Better Prints Without Borders workshop, where everyone can turn secondhand t-shirts and bags into better ones.
Better Prints Without Borders workshop (16.00 – 18.00) focuses on the problems we are currently facing with mobility, migration and xenophobia . We want to raise awareness on the themes by creating stancetaking print products from recycled clothes with a focus on human rights, migration and toleration. We provide the materials, instructions and clothes that are collected from the local partners, but participants can also bring their own clothes with them. Everyone can take part in the workshops for free. The prints include for example texts ”Without Borders” and ”Yes In My Backyard”. We are also printing the text ”No Borders” on local languages and it’s possible to create the text in the participant’s own language too.
SIC! on Rails is organized by Social Innovators Connected network and Helsinki based Yhteismaa NGO. Networking events and meetings in Scandinavian cities are organized together by the local partners and the traveling group. More information: