HDK students take a look at the Collaboratory model

We are four students from the master program Business & Design at HDK-School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg. Right now we are in the start-up of a new project. This is an integrated project where we are asked to practically implement and integrate the knowledge that we have previously acquired in the programme in an actual project. So why are we working with Collaboratory? We want to gain a greater understanding for, and knowledge of, an organisation’s reality in a development process.

The theme of the course is Innovation, Aesthetic experience, Design thinking and design methods. This will be our guidelines and our starting point for the project, which extends over two months.

Kristina has been living and studying in Gothenburg since 2010. Within her first year as Business & Design student she has combining her skills in business administration and her curiosity of design as a strategically tool for development in organisation. She is an open-minded person where meetings with people give her energy. se.linkedin.com/pub/kristina-jacobson/48/11a/ab4/

Michèle’s interest is in the interdisciplinary, in particular the collaboration between business and design brought her to Gothenburg university where she is accomplishing her Industrial Design Bachelor from Switzerland with this unique master program. se.linkedin.com/pub/michèle-hess/61/a4b/6b1

Joseph has a BsC in Marketing – Communications from Greece and working experience in sales and Personal Training. His hobbies are playing/listening to music, fashion, reading, arts in general and he also love movies and video games.

Ahra is an exchange student from South Korea. Her background is within furniture design and is now studying Business & Design for one semester at HDK. Her passion is food, chocolate, meditation and design and she enjoys the rain, especially here in Gothenburg.

We are looking forward to work with Collaboratory and are happy to answer any questions that you might have.

See you!

/Michèle, Joseph, Kristina and Ahra