The Collaboratory Idea Factory and Mingle

Dear makers and collaborators! We are pleased to report that the Idea Factory and Mingle was a resounding success and will be returning on a regular basis. The idea behind this event is to give Collaboratory members the opportunity to get together, pitch their ideas and receive feedback from fellow makers as well as presenting their individual skills with the view to create new project collaborations.
At the première, the organisers Ariana, Gunnar and Samantha were joined by Lars, Mustafa, Jakki, Alberto, Ulrica, Fredrik and Jasmine. Several of the participants took this opportunity to present their ideas and work in progress and were rewarded with much appreciated feedback and helpful suggestions on how to develop their ideas further. From the development of a new grow light system via multimedia experiences for the entire family to time-travelling selfies, the creative spirits were running high. Add to that plenty of good food and wine and you have the recipe for an evening well-spent!
The next Idea Factory will be held on October 9th. We hope even more people will take this opportunity to introduce themselves and present an idea or two. Those who wish to give this a go should send a two-sentence pitch idea to Samantha.
Hope to see you there!