Extra yearly meeting

Sunday October 5 at 3.30 – 5 pm Collaboratory lokalförening vill have an extra yearly meeting to fill the board posts treasurer, secretary and ledamot.  After that we will talk about coming activities and other questions members have. Everyone who has paid a membership fee once or more in 2014 can attend and have voting right.
After the meeting anyone who wants can stay to talk further and fika. We will talk about the design of the workshops, organisation structure, and put together groups who will be responsible for different areas. We have some groups already. For example, if you have any thoughts or want to join a certain group talk to
lights in the space –  Mustafa
workshops and tools – Henrik
idea factory – Samantha, Ariana, Gunnar
feel free to add more areas by contacting Jasmine info(at)storyarchitects.se