Visitors from the North

On the 28th of november we, a delegation of executives from the Cultural department of Bollnäs municipality and the project coordinator of a pilot study for the development of a social innovation space in the same area (among other things), made visit to Collaboratory. We enjoyed a warm welcome and presentation/guided tour by Jasmine; as well as a particularly rewarding discussion and insight into her thorough knowledge and experience in establishing innovation spaces and social entrepreneurial projects (and so much more…). Thank you for all the inspiration and knowledge you shared with us – you’re simply awesome It can not be stressed enough that you have done a such an impressive work and that Collaboratory is a very inspiring and not at least, important space in many senses. This off course, also goes to all the partners involved in Collaboratory (with a special hello to Henrik). We hope to see you soon again and enthusiastically work at sketching the outlines for social innovation/makerspace/entrepreneurial possibilities up here!

Check out the culture house in Bollnäs
and a concert coming up there
and the youth meeting space