Join the HDK students in making a Collaboratory game!

Hi Collaborators!
Have you seen the drawings that are up on the wall, by the black sofas?
At the x-mas party last Tuesday, we had a small workshop together with the people who were there. The drawings are thought to be for the Collaboratory game – a game that we would like to make with you if possible. As the characters of the game also should be you (the collaborators), we asked the people who were there to draw themselves and write down the skills and tools they have. Also, everyone drew a part of the stage set for the game – which is based on how you perceive the space of Collaboratory.
It would be awesome if you guys who missed the party also could make your characters and a part to the stage set. There are papers and forms on the chair by the black sofas for anyone who wants to ad themselves to it.
* Make your collaboratory character.
* What Is Collaboratory for you? Make a part for the collaboratory game.

Who are we?
Some of you might have seen us walking around at Collaboratory during the last few weeks. We are three students from HDK (a design school here in Gothenburg), where we study a master program in Business & Design. At the moment we are exploring space and workplace to see how they affect creativity, innovation and organisational culture. Us being at Collaboratory is part of that exploration and so is the game.
// Lydia, Alexander and Gabi