Future Innovator After Work

Future Innovator After Work was held on May 8, 2015 at the Collaboratory. This event’s purpose was to get to know each other, the Future Innovators of Göteborg. Over 40 participants with varied backgrounds interested in being future innovators for example there were engineers, entrepreneurs, designers and makers of all types.
Coordinating this After Work was a group of HDK Business and Design students ( Samantha Hookway, Katarina Pepichova, Dimitris Tsagkos, and Vivi Shen) partnering with First to Know’s Scandinavia AB’s The ( ) Space and the Collaboratory. Plus we teamed up with the Göteborg chapter of Engineers without Borders!
The participants were encouraged to mark the space by their ideas in different artistic ways which included photo booth (see the GIF) and the prototyping session, to name a few. We successfully broke the ice with mingling activities…