Collaboratory Gothenburg is changing location so right now you can not join for using any workshop areas. We have no association with the organisation who took over our space at Lindholmen. Join the community dialogue on Facebook if you want, or email if you have any questions or ideas about the new space. 
Collaboratory is a designer collective, experience studio and next generation maker space; a remix of an innovation lab, design and art studio, for co-creation, research and development, prototyping, experimentation and innovation at the intersection of technology, art, craft and design. We have a focus on electronic and interactive arts and experiences, film and communication technologies, but are open for all artistic expressions, and we work with both technological and social innovation. As a platform, Collaboratory is created to support you as a user with your own company, project or personal development, by providing job opportunities, community, game jams, festivals, labs, shared resources and access to a great working space at low cost.
As a user of Collaboratory you get access to a big transdisciplinary and crossgenerational network of awesome people, support with your business, research and studies, job opportunities, 500 square meters of exhibition and working space, including workshops for fine and heavy productions and prototyping, like 3D printers, soldering stations, wood workshop, knitting machines, transformable hangout areas that can be adapted to various events, exhibitions and workshops, screenings and playtest possibilities, game jams and more. It is up to you as a member to get engaged in activities and there are possibilities to host your own too. You have the freedom to create almost anything you want in here, it is a safe environment for experimentation within a supporting community.

Collaboratory is a unique and forward thinking brand for art, participatory maker culture, playcentric expressions, communication architectures, social sustainability, education and innovation. Our vision is to support and improve economical and social sustainability, as well as the working conditions for creatives and start-ups, invent new things, create job opportunities and accelerate open innovation. As an effect of our open design we have noticed that we actually help solving Gothenburg’s 2 biggest issues; unemployment and segregation. Collaboratory consists of a global network, and a local innovation makerspace and game design studio that was at Lindholmen, but is now moving so Collaboratory is looking for a new space in Gothenburg and also collaborators who want to set up local spaces in their city.
Collaboratory was founded by Jasmine Idun Isdrake at Story architects think&DO Collaboratory in 2011, on one hand to build a transdisciplinary lab for interactive arts, transmedia and other border crossing projects, on the other, to create a healthy, socially and economically sustainable working environment for creatives of all ages and backgrounds. The design is based on years of work experience, academic studies and research on communication, co-creation and innovation processes, as well as discussions with entrepreneurs, students, people outside of our so called social security system, and other creatives. Many individuals, specially entrepreneurs, are excluded from the security net in our society, culture is hardly valued at all, the educational system is outdated, many game- and filmmakers are working in unhealthy conditions, artists are expected to work unpaid etc. The Collaboratory-model is a way to discuss and solve those issues, to dare to test new ideas and to fail, to stop categorizing people. Jasmine uses open design methods where the users are included early in the development through open design meetings and a playcentric framework welcoming anyone to take part. The local spaces serve as platforms that support peoples own projects and companies, and fosters collaboration. To know more about the organizational structure read here Organisation.
Collaboratory was founded with no funds at all, with no support from the city, region, science parks or like. Labs similar to this are usually closed structures, funded and run by universities, and co-working spaces cost a couple of thousands a month for a table spot. Collaboratory provides an accessible, open lab and workplace where we want to keep user fees low to not exclude people, this means we need to find other ways to pay the rent and other costs. A model like this depends on state funds, partnerships or sponsors to be able to be open for all, if you would like to collaborate and/or support this initiative or have any questions contact jasmine(at)

Founder and Chief innovation officer


Other collaborators, academic industry partners, associates and events we are part of


The model
Model by Jasmine Isdrake, illustrations by Samantha Hookway

Model by Henrik Hörlin

Students from the master program Business & Design at HDK -School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg studied the model of Collaboratory and they made this nice video. Big thanks to Kristina, Michèle, Joseph and Ahra for your awesome work!