Collaboratory is an organisation where anyone is welcome – no matter your age, sexual identity or sexual expression, disability, ethnicity, sex or religion – to meet, do, create, learn and develop in an environment based on mutual respect, tolerance and encouragement. We want all members to have a nice, fun and learning experience free from any political, religious or categorizing expressions. Therefore everyone is expected to be nice and show respect towards one and other.


To clarify what is expected of a member, all members are expected to follow this code of conduct. It goes for all parts of the organisations work, meetings, events and such, and in all manners of communication channels.

We aim to provide a respectful, learning, fun and kind atmosphere in our society.

Show respect towards each other, and be kind towards each other.

Members and participants who experience discrimination, harassment, threats or other ill behavior are asked to contact the board. All complaints should be made towards the board who confidentially will take all such notices seriously and with deep respect for the individual.
Swedish law applies to all activities in the space, drugs are not allowed, parents are responsible for any child under the age of 18 and every member is responsible for their own person and materials, as well as cleaning up after oneself every day and treating the premises with caution and respect.
There is no paid personell at Collaboratory at this point, everyone contributes and everyone is responsible to keep the space clean and safe. Toilets, kitchens and work places are to be cleaned after use. Every Tuesday and Thursday is also cleaning and meeting days for members. We then have open discussions about whatever members want to bring up and we clean together. Usually drop in around 16.00/4pm and anyone can organize/host meetings.
Respect the property of others. If you are unsure whether something is private or public – ask.
Any and all tools marked with a red triangle can only be used with the approval of a boardmember, you need to learn about before using any machine you are not totally familiar with.
Any and all tools that have been used are to be returned to their respective place of storage when you leave Collaboratory for the day. This is to be done regardless of any intent to continue working the following morning. You are expected to use proper safety equipment and safety measures when working with any power tools and/or hot tools. You are expected to replace or fix things you break, talk to the board directly if you break something and we will help.
Should you need to use a first aid kit, then, please, remember to return it to where you took it from, and leave a note of what you have used (unless it was just a band aid), or if you used up the last one of something.
Leftovers of food and/or drinks should only be thrown in the container by the kitchen, and nowhere else. The fridge will be emptied every Friday afternoon. Anything in there that is not marked with a members name or “Collaboratory” will be thrown away.