Welcome to become a part of Collaboratory!
Collaboratory Gothenburg is changing location so right now you can not join for using any workshop areas, but join the community dialogue on Facebook if you want or email us if you have any questions or ideas about a new space. 
As a platform, Collaboratory is created to support you as a user with your own company, project or personal development, by providing community, shared resources and access to a great working space at low cost. Users pay a monthly fee depending on their level of engagement or age, the entire fee goes to pay the rent of the space. You can join as a user with collaborator status which means that you are part of the team running the space, including daily things like engaging in workshops, cleaning, setting up machines and other resources in the space. If you do not wish to engage much you can join as an ordinary user, and if you think the concept is so awesome you even want to collaborate through your organisation, you can become a partner.
Price levels were
1500 sek/month 24h access

User with Collaborator status
200 sek/month access office hours (mon-fri 8-17)
500 sek/month 24h access
350 sek/month weekend access (Sat/Sun)
100 sek/month children under 15, a parent has to be registered as user and be present at all times when the child is in Collaboratory
200 sek/month children between 15 and 18 if a parent is registered as user, ordinary fees otherwise but a parent has to take full responsibility and sign the agreement for the child
200 sek/month people above 67 (retired)
100 sek daypass 24h access to the space, same responsibility rules as user, machine availability is not guaranteed 
150 sek/month and up to your choice, support membership.
Gives access to member events and your name listed on our site, if you want.
Every user needs to read our Code of Conduct and sign a responsibility agreement. The fee is paid at the 28th of every month in advance, so for May you pay April 28th for example. If you wish to pause or cancel your access to the space and monthly payment you need to inform the board and return your key.
Companies, schools, government agencies and organisations are all welcome to become partners and the structure/fee for that is discussed and determined together as every relation is unique and has different needs, book a meeting to know more at jasmine(at)storyarchitect.se

Email jasmine(at)storyarchitect.se if you wish to join and we will contact you to book a meeting for a tour of the space and an interview. In your application please state the following
– why you wish to become a member and what you plan to do in the space
– what skills or resources you can contribute with
– what resources you wish to get help with
– anything else you wish to ask or tell
(Your application is handled privately and if you do not want to answer those questions by email, or do not use email, feel free to visit in person).
A few user fees per year can be paid with intellectual/skill capital needed in Collaboratory, by people that have no income (income includes student loan, social support or unemployment support). You can ask about that in your application. We also accept interns when we have time to support them.
We have regular open events where all users have access and where people interested in joining can visit, check the calendar and news blog. Some Fridays we have afterwork with play test for indiegames made by members and partners, and some afterworks we run with Engineers Without Borders or other collaborators. A couple of days every year the space will also be booked for events run by partners who pay a fee, those days access might be limited, but that is also important income for the rent cost. As a user of Collaboratory you are expected to contribute to events that give funding for rent as that is the only way to keep the user fees so low, all users of all levels are responsible to keep their own things in order and clean up after themselves before events/lectures. All users can only store things in a box on the dedicated shelf, and personal belongings need to be clearly marked.