Human and Machine

Human and Machine is a psycho-technological theater experiment at the crossroads between man and machine, where the aim is to explore the encounter between man and machine in a context where they are fully engaged on stage, acting, in real time. Interactive Institute and Scenlaboratoriet are building and testing the robot at Collaboratory. Follow the project here
Photo by Carl Heath


Patrik is a maker working on creating a large rotating spherical computer monitor.
Photo by Jas

Article in GP

The Gothenburg Post wrote about local DIYers and Jasmines work under the headline DIY or die 🙂

Full activity in the Hacker Club!

hackerklubben kopia

Three weeks ago the Hacker Club started for 25 enthusiastic and engaged 9 to 12 year olds, who jumped right into the action of programming computer games and interactive experiences in Scratch on Raspberry Pis. Now into week three out of ten they learn awesome stuff in a fantastic pace!

X-mas fun

During the Collaboratory x-mas party a x-mas tree was made out of left over LED-strips and an arduino. In the foreground – the making of a Rep Rap 3D printer, by Magnus, Niels and Erik. Photo by Jas

Notice of the annual meeting of the Collaboratory association March 1 1600

Notice of the annual meeting of the Collaboratory association

Saturday, March 1 at 4 pm – ca 6 pm at Collaboratory Polstjärnegatan 14, 2nd floor.

– The meeting starts, select chairman and secretary
– Membersystem and fee levels
– Funding
– Upcoming activities
– Trash system
– Other questions that members have

Everyone is welcome!

Magic mirror

Carl Heath, Jacob Michelsen, Erik Einebrant and Linus Österberg Nilsson at Interactive Institute Swedish ICT built a magic mirror in  2013 for store interaction for a project together with H&Ms subsidiary Monki. The prototyperna were also used during Collaboratorys x-mas party.
Photo by Carl Heath

TEDxLab Göteborg

Collaboratory and Story architects partnered up with TEDx Göteborg, designed a lab for the participants and Jasmine talked about maker philosophy.

tedx_lab_proto  tedx_lab2

tedx2_foto_camia  12837051543_ccf3baf884_b

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Nordic Creative Commons Film Festival


We joined the global festival and screened Sacred Economics, The Cosmonaut, Free fall, Hello World! Processing and Recoding Innovation: Free Software – Free Culture. We also streamed The Cosmonaut live talk with the director and had discussions around transmedia, commons, free software etc, and played Mrs Dad by Redgrim on the Automat Indie Arcade silverbox. The festival in Gothenburg was curated by Jasmine Idun Lyman, in collaboration with Crowdculture, Gothenburg Film Studios, ABF Media lab and Automat Indie Arcade.



Pumping iron

henrik kjell

Third day of fixing the space. Jasmine, Henrik and Kjell building muscles.



 Älvtennis crew working in Collaboratory to develop a game by the canal, check it out and get info on play locations and dates here:

The doors open

Paul, CEO at Gothenburg film studios, says that we can try out doing something together with floor 2 in the building. July 9 2013 the first Collaboratory community, mainly consisting of people who have never met before, get access to the space and start cleaning and emptying it together with people from the studios. The first, uncertain steps are taken without any support from policy makers, city etc. Jasmine writes funding applications, sets meetings and spreads information about the initiative. The interest increases but everything is run by a few hard working individuals who spend the rest of the summer cleaning, painting and fixing in the space, with private money.

3rd open design meeting

June 5 2013 we have the 3rd open design meeting, around 30 people attend the meeting held  in Gothenburg Film Studios conference room and we take a look at the space that the studios needs to share to keep costs down.

Interactive Institute who looks for space and storage joins the meeting, we send a concept description to Björn Sandmark, Head of Culture in Gothenburg, who is about to meet the CEO of  Älvstranden Utveckling AB, who owns the building. Unfortunately nothing happens this time either.

We continue discussions about funding and a business model.

Open design & community

Another open design meeting, more curious people show up and we start a Facebook group for Collaboratory.

A group for planning a meetingspace, open lab and resource/knowledgesharing space for people in the film/game/diy/maker/tech sphere, located at the Gothenburg Film Studios village. We have had 2 meeting so far to discuss content, needs, design, funding etc. We have a google folder where we work on suggestions, lists etc, send email adress to be added

Jasmine tries to get support by policy makers and other institutions, without any success. The community talks about funding and structures. A common vision is starting to take form.

1st open design meeting

April 15 2013 Jasmine invited people to the 1st open design meeting.

A improvised meeting to talk about creating a new platform for storytellers to meet and exchange knowledge, have a working space and meet people of all ages. A politically independent free zone for labs, bridging initiatives and synapses. A first step for open dialogue and design determined by the attendees.

4 persons met at the small Story architects office in the Gothenburg film and games village at Lindholmen.