Collaboratory produces, supports and collaborates with meaningful initiatives, we work in games, film and maker culture mainly. However, many large companies and organisations from other industries have visited us for inspiration too. Our spaces and labs have brought game culture to thousands of people of different ages and backgrounds, and increased job opportunities, diversity and inclusion in tech, and industry skills in future narratives and experiences. Most of all, Collaboratory gathers some of the worlds most amazing change makers. Check out videos from some of our activities at

Collaboratory Gothenburg space 2015

Closing the Collaboratory Make Change festival 2015

Craft night with Slöjd i Väst at Collaboratory

This is the new lean & agile! – Ericsson employee

Collaboratory & Playcentric Studios with local collaborators have been working on bringing esports-events to Gothenburg. Here we are talking about digital culture at Scandinavias largest cultural event, the Gbg Book Fair 2020, with Rainy Lab, Alliance, Dreamhack, Female Legends and other organisations, gamers and researchers

Collaboratory Stockholm 2018, talk by Lisette Titre-Montgomery, followed by a diversity & inclusion workshop with discussions around content for Collaboratory and solutions for issues in the industry. Sponsored by Playcentric Studios and the US Embassy.

Imagination lab: future of education by Sam & Nils

Make Change Festival 2015

Collaboratory embodies that progress requires a lot of hard work, I worked with more varied things than ever before and I reaped many rewards from it. I owe Collaboratory many insights, friendships and experiences.
 – Henrik Hörlin, Collaboratory board

I learned too much to fill in here. I learned what is a makerspace. I learned how hard it is to fund a space like that and that to build a community it takes a lot of energy by core members. I learned about social innovation, about gaming, about design thinking, about communication and about innovation… and I learned about urban planning participation…and that there is a chance I may be able to put my art skills to good use in my new city, Gothenburg.
Samantha Hookway, Collaboratory board

Collaboratory board members Asgeir Sigurjónsson & Kjell Håften 

Mustafa curating makerspace at Science Fest 

Idun giving a transmedia lecture and workshop for the Gothenburg University film students

Electrodome festival for electronic & interactive arts electrodome

Skövde game university and DONNA joining our game & makespace at the Science Festival 2015

Awesome team at our game and makespace at the International Science Festival where we have around 25000 visitors over 4 days

Lance Weiler talking about his work with David Cronenberg’s Retrospective

Richard Hoover talking about his work with TV series Twin Peaks

Lynn Hughes and Heather Kelley talking about game culture, and our amazing crew illustrating and streaming

Collaboratory hosts regular game jams, playtesting events and game making courses

Story sprint with Atley Loughridge

Game workshop with Nick Fortugno

Yves L. Bordeleau talking about his work in the game industry, from indie to Game of Thrones 

Santiago Sloan presenting and playtesting his game LA2115

Samantha Hookway, Shani Shtaingart and Natalja Koniouchenkova co-curating Future City Lab

Jag har jobbat med Agila arbetssätt och Lean länge. DIY lärde mig att det behövs en dimension till i samhällsförbättring. Medborgarsamverkan – och att det låter sig göras. På DIY-days 2014 fascinerades jag över hur mycket man kunde komma fram till på bara en dag. 100 personer som kom och gick och aldrig setts förut kunde med genomtänkt metodik, coaching och en välkomnande värdegrund göra mer än vad vanliga team gör på månader. – Gunilla Karlsson

Beta the game, workshop with Patrice & Errol King

With the diversity and inclusion initiative Diversi at Gothcon, Nordic Game Conference and GG Bar

EU HQ in Brussels, talk on STEAM education, game culture, equity, diversity, inclusion, bias and accountability in the development of ‘AI’ systems

EU conference on Open Innovation, in Finland

Sharing Economy meeting with local politicians

Edgeryders at the EU HQ in Strasbourg

Game Playshop at the Gothenburg Art Museum

Future City Lab at Science Fest

Idun talking about AI ethics, game and make culture at Internet days 2017

Idun talking about game culture at the Royal Theatre Stockholm

Collaboratory joining Confusion Cosplay festival, and Avatar-Idun doing jury work

International Science Festival opening 2018, with Nobel Center and Max Tegmark joining as a hologram

International Science Festival opening 2015 with Idun and Erik Thorstensson

Running a lab and workshops at TEDx 2014

Jasmine Idun talking about game culture 2013

TEDx Lab 2013

Idun gave a keynote at Chalmers Ventures demo day

International Science Festival team 2015

The Collaboratory in Gothenburg was a kind of oasis on collaborative creativity in the city.
Unfortunately we only had one opportunity to use the place once in the processes we work on in our platform but the activities in and around it, like DIY-days etc, really brought fresh energy and open thinking into the Gothenburg ‘system’. The Makerspace co-creative principles and practices are still in our minds when we continue our quest thanks to the hard and sometimes unrewarding work of the Collaboratory team with it’s inspiring founder (and I think soul) Jasmine Idun.
– Per Östling

HDK event
Open Business Day with Semcon and companies in the area

Playcentric Writers Room with Gothenburg University 

Joffe opening DIY days 2013

DIY days 2013

På Collaboratory är alla välkomna. CV är ointressant. Du är intressant. Du är viktig! Detta är viktigt när många ställs utanför det som samhället har att bjuda på. För att bygga ett bättre samhälle för alla behöver de som varit utan röst bli hörda. Vi behöver ett forum där vi kan mötas för de vi är.

Food Labs West workshop with Collaboratory

Ida Long concert

Dancer Gita Von Winlandt, fire dancer & director Idun Isdrake

Aerialist Milla Floryd, singer Ida Long, director show and video Idun Isdrake.

Maker faire workshop with Embla

Business competition pitches 2014

City planning lab with Älvstranden

Performance by Jeanette Schäring

Gothenburg Film Studio robot

HDK Business & Design student event

Jasmine Idun leading a workshop with Mjärdevi and Umeå Science Parks

Idun talking about game & maker culture at Norrköping Visualiserings Center

Idun leading a workshop with Swedish museum managers

Very inspiring group of people. I very much appreciate the opportunity to connect with people who are ambitious, creating, making things, and experimenting. – Allen Smith

Learn Do Share Gothenburg book team, download our book for free here

Collaboratory gave me a community right away. It also opened up ideas of what is a makerspace, a collective collaborative body, social innovation, and more. It pointed me into the idea of doing the Business & Design masters and it was an important part of my integration into the city of Gothenburg as an immigrant – as an outsider. – Samantha Hookway


Collaboratory, en viktig period i mitt liv. Då jag saknat någon som helst anställningsform i arbetslivet hittills, blev Collaboratory en stor och viktig del av mitt liv. Utan någon som helst hjälp utav arbetsförmedling eller annan myndighet, dök möjligheten upp att jag skulle komma att få arbeta med det jag trivs bäst med, nämligen teknik. En workshop inne i nordstan ledd utav dess ledare och grundare, Jasmine fångade min uppmärksamhet. Två veckor senare var jag en del utav Collaboratory och trivdes mycket bra med mitt liv. Arbetsförmedling eller andra myndigheter lysste med sin frånvaro, men inte de fina människor jag träffade inom mitt nyfunna nätverk. Jag blev respektfullt bemött och hyllades för mina insatser. Gemenskap är nyckelord i detta sammanhang Sol,ljus,värme och frihet är ord som jag väljer att använda när jag tänker tillbaka på de 18 månader, jag hade förmånen att tillhöra Collaboratory. Jag har utvecklats mycket under de gågna 18 månaderna och fastän jag fortsatt saknar någon form av anställning och arbetsförmedlingen lyser med sin frånvaro, ser jag ändå ljust på framtiden. Tack till Jasmine och alla andra som var en stor del av mitt liv inom Collaboratory. – Mostafa

I came here to Sweden since two years ago with dream to continue my study as IT engineer.
Collaboratory was such a big chance to me for getting more experience, fabulous people in addition to cozy place you can make what you want (using computers, internet ,handmade something, make a coffee ) and many exhibitions, festivals, events. I
t really looks like your home with really astonishing people as your family. –Abd

International Science Festival

Setting up a ninja hackspace at FSCONS

Images by: Idun Isdrake, Samantha Hookway, Cleo Nabo, Johnny Karhinen, Pia Nyström, Ullis, Henrik Hörlin, Saman Nazar, Ebba Kierkegaard, Camia, Daniel Andersson, Josef Persson, Filip Lyman, Lina Högstedt.