Lara – a community for women and non-binary people in the Nordic game industry

Lara is a game community that serves underrepresented groups in terms of gender (see below), that are active in the Nordic game industry. With game industry we mean game development and esports. Students are welcome too!

We are currently based on Discord (click to download), or here is a direct link Our goal is to contribute to equitable access to career development, funding, training and support. We want a safe space for sharing experiences, to be inspired and to create networks and friendship between us all. Our goal is to work for a better game industry in the Nordics where we can speak openly and transparently about things that need to be improved and changed. We want to make sure that things are better in the future, and change what we can right now.

What do we mean by gender?
You are welcome at the Lara Discord server if you identify as a cis or trans woman, non-binary, genderfluid, intersex, multigender, agender and so on. We rather include than exclude. If you feel a need to be here you are most likely welcome!

Who founded Lara?
Lara is founded by Anna Erlandsson, Idun Isdrake and Liza Lind. We are all part of the gaming industry and have experience in working with marginalized groups in gaming and esports. We want more women and nb in the industry, but we also know that the industry can be tough and that many of us need a supporting network. We hope that Lara can be this network!

The logo is made by Natalia Batista.

You can contact us with any questions or thoughts regarding this community, but we can not adjudicate conflicts in an official capacity as we work with Lara in our free time. The informative texts about our vision and code of conduct are shared, living documents and subjects to change as needed.